High School Selection

The District offers thousands of programs and services across hundreds of schools. We hope every student Finds their Fit, this fall!

One of the most exciting parts of your education in Philadelphia is how you can customize your learning experience, by choosing a school that’s right for you. Every student is assigned a neighborhood school, from K-12, based on where they live. If you are interested in any other school in the District, all you have to do is apply!

Once the School Selection Application Process opens on September 15, 2023, schools, families and students can access the online application to submit requests for the the school or schools you’d most like to attend. The application process will close October 27, 2023.

So spend some time getting to know your options. Review all of the Career and Technical Education opportunities, available clubs, Advanced Placement courses and or Magnet Programs for things like music and performing arts. Ask your friends and other family members about their experiences at different schools. Talk with your counselor and review information on each of the school’s website to get familiar with your choices and making your final decisions.

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